art, collaboration, minimalism and nomadism.

We are Diana Boccara and Leo Longo, the filmmaking duo behind Couple of Things. 


In 2015 the desire to make Art and tell our own stories took over. We gave up our fully furnished home, the certainty of a steady income, and, essentially, everything that made us feel safe. We dove into minimalism, intensively, and set out to explore the world with little more than our suitcases and cameras.


This was just the beginning of a huge transformation in our lives - a transformation that is happening to this day. As minimalists and independent artists, we've fallen in love with the possibilities that collaborating with artists around the globe has given us.


For us, telling series and creating film, series and music videos is way more than entertainment. It's how we reflect on human relationships and the future. It's the path we've decided to take to contribute to a better, happier, and more diverse life.